How Wedding Photography Happened For Us

Sometime in early 2015, our friends urged us into taking our passion for street photography & documentary filmmaking into weddings. We never had any plans for it as a career, but once we turned our camera towards weddings, we discovered our joy and natural inclination toward wedding stories.

When we began photographing & filming weddings, we realised that our approach was very different - it was more than just candid wedding photography or cinematic wedding photography - it was more grounded in reality, more about the power of a fleeting moment. What we do can be best described as real wedding photography.

What Excites Us

While the landmark moments of a wedding are always special (for instance, the pheras or vows, the varmala or the first look, the sindoor or the first kiss, etc), the ones that excite us the most are the in-between moments that one can never predict. That could range from a (supposedly) stoic parent or grandparent going crazy on the dance floor, or the hugs that are shared when two people meet after ages, or even the groom being unable to find his safa or cufflinks at the last moment! Such moments define the true personality of the couple and their families, and make the wedding story unique. While this means we have to be physically & mentally focused and switched on all the time, the outcome is extremely rewarding. It is a very special feeling when our couples tell us that they are wow-ed by the moments we've captured in their photographs & films

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