Richa & Rohan's destination wedding at the JW Marriott, Jaipur

Richa & Rohan’s wedding was a lovely celebration where both their families & friends came together to celebrate their union in the middle of a splash of colour, music & dancing across three days at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Jaipur.

When we had asked Richa & Rohan to share their story with us, this is what they told us, in their own words.

“We were introduced by our respective families, after which we chance to get to know each other and talk privately. This segued into conversations on the phone and over texts, interspersed with dates whenever we were in each other's cities. Our feelings developed over these hours of getting to know more about each other, both electronically and in person. Curiosity changed to interest to caring to love, along with the desire to be with each other and start our lives together. At this point, we can't wait!

We're both somewhat reserved as people, but tend to be more carefree among loved ones; maybe even goofy. We're both foodies. Rohan likes old TV shows and Richa likes old music. Richa has a younger sister and Rohan is an only child, but both of us are said to emit strong "older sibling vibes" within our families! We're very lucky to have families and friends who love, support and encourage us on this journey.”

The wedding festivities began with an intimate dinner for close friends & family who had arrived in Jaipur a day before the official celebrations began. Held at the rooftop of the Marriott, this was an elegant understated evening with some great mixed bag live music. The highlight of the evening was an impromptu performance by Vikas, Bhavya & Siddhant of Rohan’s family, who brought the house down with their characters - Sheikh Chilli, Aurang & Zeb.

The poolside carnival mehendi was held in the afternoon the next day. Richa & Rohan made their epic entry to the beats of the dholis. Guests enjoyed testing themselves on giant jenga towers & the ring toss booth as the emcee started a dance face off between Richa & Rohan’s family and friends. The highlight of this one was definitely both the parents pulling off epic dance moves in the midst of cheers and claps. While it was a tough act to follow, Richa’s family & friends were more than up to the task as they took to the poolside dance floor to perform their choreographed dance routines, with the guests joining them as it flowed into an open dance floor.

Later that evening, the wedding party walked into a Frida Kahlo inspired universe for the sangeet. Dynamic colours & incredible props set the vibe for the amazing evening to follow. Acrobatic dancers perfectly set up the evening for the couple’s entry to the sangeet venue. As everyone settled in, Richa & Rohan’s family and friends took over the dance floor, turn by turn, one after another as months of dance practice finally off in a sequence of mind blowing performances. Sachin & Jigar then completely rocked the stage for a few hours, followed by DJ Khushi who ended the night with a crescendo of 90s Bollywood hits.

The next morning began with Richa & Rohan’s haldi, sainth functions. Punjabi folks songs accompanied by haldi (turmeric) application always has this magical feel-good quality which was very much in the air that afternoon.

And then came the evening that everyone was waiting for. Richa’s family welcomed Rohan’s baraat as everybody waited for the bridal entry. And what an entry it was. As Harshdeep Kaur’s voice echoed through the venue and the lights went down, time stood still. Richa walked through the spotlight, looking absolutely out of this world as her father waited for her at the end of the aisle. We could feel the collective goosebumps as he received her, kissed her on the forehead and then led her to her groom Rohan, who had eyes only for her ever since the moment she had walked in. As the varmala took place, the venue lit up with fireworks. Harshdeep then sang for Richa & Rohan as they had their first dance. They both looked absolutely radiant. And then with friends & family surrounding them later that night, Richa & Rohan took their wedding vows under the starlit sky.

Thank you Richa, Rohan & your families for choosing us to tell the story of among the most important days of your lives. We are so honoured to have documented your family legacy.

Thank you also, to all the great teams we worked alongside for this wedding.

Location: JW Marriott Resort & Spa
Wedding Decor by: RaniPink Love
Bridal Make up: Amrit Kaur Artistry
Food Design: Naresh Lakhotia (Nick Gourmet)
Live music: Harshdeep Kaur, Sachin Jigar, Rashmeet Kaur, Ashish Chhabra Project Jazba
DJ: Khushi Soni