Tanvi & Saahil, Washington DC/Fort Jadhavgarh

What can we say about Tanvi & Saahil's wedding? Words would truly fall short to describe it. Their celebration was an amazing burst of energy for two days at Fort Jadhavgarh, which looked absolutely magical thanks to Windrose Flower Studio - a company run by Tanvi's mom, Alpana Ajmera.

Just like Sarah & Mustafa, the way Tanvi & Saahil met us was pretty interesting. Ekta and I went to MBA school with Keya, Saahil's cousin who now runs her own boutique travel firm. At the same time, we met Alpana aunty, Tanvi's mom at Krishna & Om's wedding sometime last year. So both, Tanvi & Saahil got to know of us through their respective families. Again proving that this was meant to be.

The first time we spoke to them was on Facetime, where we instantly felt a connection. Tanvi & Saahil also invited us to spend time with them at their home in Washington DC earlier this year, where we got to know them better, made a few portraits and even shared an Ethiopian meal with them. Fantastic memories, thanks guys!

Coming back to the wedding, the first day saw friends & family travelling from all over the world to Fort Jadhavgarh for a welcome mehendi party, held by the poolside. 'Ajmera kal tera' & 'Keep calm & Karpe diem' T-Shirts helped everyone declare their loyalties to the Queen & the King for the weekend respectively - apt to call them that, since they got married at the Fort! A lot of dancing and some swimming happened that afternoon. 

Later in the evening, everyone had some amazing wine which Ninad uncle (Saahil's dad), a wine connoisseur had got custom made for the wedding. The wine definitely helped everyone put up some smashing dance performances overlooking the fort & then party some more after that.

Fort Jadhavgarh has an intimate temple which Alpana aunty transformed into a magical mandap for the wedding. Something very interesting happened on the wedding day, which further proves how connected Tanvi & Saahil are as a couple. During Saahil's baraat, the DJ played macarena and as expected, everyone in the baraat did the whole routine. Later as Ekta and I were going through our separate sets, we realised that Tanvi and her friends did the mass-macarena too AT THE EXACT SAME TIME because they could hear the music in their room as well.

Weeks before their wedding, Tanvi & Saahil got in touch with their pandit trying to understand more about the wedding rituals and the promises they would be making to each other in their ceremony. They also wrote their own vows for the wedding, which was amazing to witness.

Thank you Tanvi & Saahil and your families & friends for inviting us to be a part of among the best days of your lives. Thank you for trusting us, thank you for choosing us. We shall always be incredibly grateful for the love we got from all of you.

Venue: Fort Jadhavgarh
Decor: Windrose Flower Studio
Make up Artist: Sejal