Sarah & Mustafa, Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

It was an amazing morning. We had wrapped up Mariella & Haamid's intimate Brooklyn wedding a week ago & then travelled to Canmore to meet two people who changed our lives & transformed our photography. Lanny & Erika Mann of TwoMann Studios gave us everything they had, and then some more in their amazing 3-day workshop. We were back in Seattle, fired up & excited. I remember making a rather nice cup of coffee, setting my laptop down at the table and opening my mailbox.

'I heard of you guys from Aashni Pandya', Sarah's first email to us read. We absolutely love Aashni & Gautam, and that one sentence was enough for us to know that this would turn out to be something special.

We finally met Sarah when we got back to India a month later, at her beautiful office in Colaba. Walking into the Essajees store is surreal - there are so many snippets of history from diverse times & places, it is an amazing feeling if you're a trivia nerd, such as I. Sarah & Mustafa are both, super accomplished yet incredibly humble people. Sarah founded Essajees Atelier, an interior design & styling firm in 2014. Mustafa is a former Indian tennis player, who is currently overseeing the phenomenal Sports Excellence Program as the CEO of JSW Sport along with being the CEO of Bengaluru FC.

Given their backgrounds and their current professions, it was clear that Sarah & Mustafa had a unique & specific vision for their wedding. Aashna (Aash Studio) was going to help them execute it.

Sarah & Mustafa got married at Mukesh Mills in November 2017. They become the first couple ever to do this at the venue. As always, Aashna made the place look fabulous. Walking into the wedding ceremony felt like entering a fairytale. As the Sun set, Sarah & Mustafa said their vows to each other. We all then proceeded for the thaal ceremony, a fitting (and filling!) conclusion to the day.

Sarah & Mustafa, thank you so much for choosing us to tell the story of your wedding. It is an incredible honour for us to have been a part of and to witness the magnitude of love among you and your families. We received such incredible warmth from all of you, which has filled our hearts to the brim. We truly came back as better human beings after being a part of this experience.

Bride's Makeup & Hair: Recinda & Ronella
Wedding Decor: Aash Studio
Wedding film: Sam & Ekta ;)

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- Sam