Ravina & Aditya's destination wedding at The ITC Grand, Goa

Ravina & Aditya got married at the ITC Grand in Goa, and what a beautiful, colourful wedding it was. These two met on a tennis court (they are among the most sporty couple we know, the other being Sarah & Mustafa).

These two are always up for a game (literally) of some kind, and that’s what makes them so unique. It is such a pleasure to watch them when they are together, and even though they are enveloped by a crowd, it almost feels like they are in their own little world, doing their own little thing. The way their faces light up when the other is around, the way they spontaneously decide to have a race on the beach, or end up jumping on the couch to see who can jump farther - being around them is like experiencing a non stop burst of energy.

Thank you Ravina & Adu for having us along on these days. It’s been such an incredible experience to get to know and spend time with you, your families & your friends. We wish you all the happiness in the world & more.

A huge thank you Sanjeev, Sonali & Rohini of the 4aces team - it is one thing to plan a wedding, and another to be involved like you’re family, and you guys are absolutely amazing.

The Wedding

We had the privilege of spending a day with Ravina & Adu a couple of months before the wedding where we tried to understand their energy, and let them do their own thing as we tried our best to document the unique nature of their relationship with our cameras. The day ended on the tennis court. Apt, since the story of these two began over games of tennis.

This wedding story begins in Ahmedabad, where Ravina & Adu are from. We get the opportunity to meet them and their families, and experience & document the Ahmedabad chapter (a few get togethers & celebrations) for a couple of days. We all then fly to Goa together. By now, we have met and spent time with Ravina & Adu’s families and even travelled together. We know this is going to be special.

On the first evening at the ITC Grand, Ravina gets her mehendi done alongside the beach, as the Sun sets behind her. Friends and family who haven’t seen each other for a while get a chance to catch up. This is good, because the next day is going to be spent in non stop dancing.

It is now the next morning. Everyone is dressing up in their off whites & shades of yellow for Ravina & Adu’s holi-haldi ceremony. The haldi ceremony barely takes 5 minutes before the organic colours come bursting out of their packets. It has begun. This is a full fledged Holi happening on the beaches of Goa, one day before a wedding. It is surreal, gorgeous and so much fun! We decide to put the weather sealing of our cameras to the test, and throw all logic out of the window as we subject our cameras (and ourselves) to colours flying from all sides. Anything for the pursuit of real moments.

We recharge ourselves and our batteries for the evening. The sangeet dances are happening on a beautiful stage with the setting Sun in the backdrop. One of the most elegant ways to have a beach sangeet that we have ever seen. Being the sport he is, Adu ends his dance with a leap into the outstretched arms of his friends. A complete surprise, and a moment that brings the whole crowd to their feet. We then go indoors for the laser/LED themed afterparty. These guys have been dancing since noon and there are no signs of things slowing down.

Day three. Ravina & Adu have designed some games for their wedding party that accompany a classic brunch. Cornhole is one of these games. While Adu has been the first one to introduce this game to people he knows, he is beaten fair & square by Ravina, who is among the best players of this game we’ve seen.

It is now evening on day three. We witness a beautiful wedding ceremony, against the gorgeous backdrop of the setting Sun. The sky is a mix of magical colours as Ravina & Adu take their vows. There is happiness and love in the air. Everyone can feel it.

And then there was the pyjama party. Words fail to describe it. It’s good we have pictures.

PS: Try to spot us in the album. Ravina & Adu insisted we take a picture with them, in a pose of their choice


Location: ITC Grand, Goa
Planners: Four Aces events
Bride's Makeup & Hair: Recinda & Ronella

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